domingo, 21 de agosto de 2011

Another winning image

Image of the month on the British Magazine ImagineFX #72

On the original H.G Wells novel "The time Machine" the time traveller goes to the far future, where he encounters that humanity has evolved into two different strains: the gentle, surface dwelling Eloi and the brutish, underground carnivores called the Morlocks, who have knowledge of technology. In the course of his adventures , the time traveller has his machine stolen for a brief period of time by the Morlocks.
This image is based on the idea that the Morlocks, being technology wise, somehow reverse-engineered the time machine and made their own versions of it, in order to hunt in other times, raiders instead of explorers. One of these machines was shipwrecked in the past, and is part now of an archaeological dig , featured in an article on the Unprovable Geographic magazine....
I had lots of fun working on this image, even if it requires a long explanation.

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